With the vast amount of expected progeny differences (EPD) data available to today's cattleman, sorting to find genetically balanced cattle can be cumbersome to say the least. When evaluating multiple sires with multiple EPDs, how does one compare the total value of one bull to the other?

Roy Wallace of Select Sires suggests using a power score to quickly evaluate bulls for multiple trait balance. The system uses four traits from the respective breed sire summary: birth, weaning weight, yearling weight and milk.

To obtain the power score for a bull, we take their percentile ranking for each of the traits listed above, add them together ad divide by four. For example, an Angus bull with EPDs of .4 birth (BW), +41 for weaning (WW), +70 for yearling (YW) and +16 for milk ranks in the top 10 percent, top 3 percent, top 2 percent and top 25 percent for these respective traits. Adding these percentiles together and dividing by four, this bull has a power score of 10.

Bulls that rank low for one or more traits end up with high scores and are easily separated from bulls with lower (better) power scores.