A study of prices received on calves sold through seven video auction sales in 2008 reveals that cattle producers received the highest premiums since 1995 on VAC45 and VAC PreCon calves, and the second-highest premium on VAC34 calves. Fourteen years of Pfizer Animal Health price data shows an increasing value for preconditioned calves. VAC45 calves earned $8.20 per hundredweight, VAC PreCon calves earned $9.36 per hundredweight premium and VAC34 calves earned $3.57 per hundredweight over similar non-weaned, non-viral vaccinated calves.

The VAC45 premium equates to $45.10 more per head for a 550-pound calf, while 550-pound VAC34 calves would be worth $19.63 per head more than non-weaned, non-viral vaccinated calves. As a comparison, the same 550-pound calf that is age and source verified would earn $11.77 per head premium, and one that is owner-certified natural would only earn a $4.62 per head premium. Michael E. King, MS, conducted the research study that looked at 3,741 lots and a total of 465,754 cattle that sold through seven Superior Livestock Auction video sales in 2008.