Prices for nitrogen fertilizer have increased this year, which increases the value of manure used as fertilizer. Cattle producers who apply manure to their own cropland or market the product to surrounding farmers can benefit by protecting the nutrient value of the product as much as possible. Colorado State University Extension Soils Specialist Jessica Davis says cattle manure currently is worth about $13.70 per ton based on current values for nitrogen and phosphorus. She stresses the importance of minimizing volatilization of ammonia as a means of conserving nitrogen in manure. Manure that is broadcast on fields and not incorporated can lose up to 30 percent of its ammonium within four days. Incorporating manure can reduce that loss to less than five percent. Another key management step is to remove manure from pens or corrals as often as possible for application or storage in a pile. Piling manure reduces exposure to oxygen and limits nitrogen losses compared with manure spread across a pen surface.