In the past, many squeeze chutes were constructed with wooden sideboards down by the animal's feet. But more recently, producer Rod Peppel of Quapaw, Okla., purchased a squeeze chute with metal sideboards.

"They quit using wood, which created a noise problem. Cattle get to banging around in the chute, there feet hit the metal sides and it gets very loud," says Mr. Peppel. "The cattle behind hear that noise and do not want to come up the alley."

To reduce the loud metallic banging, Mr. Peppel attached a plastic liner to the lower side panels. The white plastic is old truck mud flaps that were cut to fit. Self-tapping screws with large washers were used to hold the rubber pieces in place. By fitting pieces you can continue to fold the sides down when necessary.

"I chose to use the slick mud flaps over the black rubber mats thinking the cattle could not grip and climb up the sides. It really made things quiet," says Mr. Peppel.