Pasteurella pneumonia is caused by Pasteurella haemolytica, and when an animal is stressed, its ability to clear the bacteria from its lungs decreases, increasing the risk of pneumonia.

A combination of stress reduction and appropriately timed vaccination can help prevent pneumonia or shipping fever caused by P. haemolytica. The following steps can help you reduce stress and pneumonia risk in cattle:

* Purchase healthy, minimally stressed, prevaccinated cattle. If you try to save a few dollars by purchasing unvaccinated, highly stressed or marginal quality cattle, you may be buying yourself a problem.

* Handle vaccines properly. Properly store and administer vaccines and follow all label directions.

* Handle livestock properly. Process cattle quietly with as little fuss and dust as possible.

* Process all the cattle at one time. Don't mix newly purchased cattle with ones that have already been processed.

* Vaccinate the herd prior to the challenge. Vaccinate calves at least two weeks prior to weaning to help prevent pneumonia and shipping fever.

* Wean in good climate conditions. Avoid processing cattle, if possible, just before, during or right after severe weather changes.