When Jim Brede set out to build a new corral on his Bluejacket, Okla., ranch, he incorporated the round or curved design into every element of the facility. The unique corral has a large, round gathering pen at one end where cattle first arrive from the pasture. Three smaller, round pens are located on one side of the corral’s alley and two more similar pens are on the opposite side of the alley. The gates to each pen swing across the alley so cattle can be sorted either directly across or diagonally accross the alley. At the front of the corral is a curved alley leading to a chute for working cows. Swing a gate and the crowding alley leads to a narrower alley for working calves. A calf table can be placed at the end of the alley but is not shown in this photo. Mr. Brede designed and built this corral with all new materials, including 7/8-inch sucker rod attached to 2 7/8-inch pipe posts. He says the facility cuts handling and sorting time in half, and reduces stress on cattle and people.