John Walters of Alton, Mo. has a power till seeder that he uses to re-seed pasture or sow grains and admits that it does a good job. However, when it comes to interseeding into existing forages it has some drawbacks. The power till seeder requires a large tractor to operate, it tears up a lot of the existing forage and pulls up a large number of rocks.

Mr. Walter's solution was to buy a 16-feet tool bar and a set of spring rake-toothed clod busters that once fit on the back of a disk. He paid just $20 for the tool bar and $25 for the rake at a local equipment sale.

"I can interseed rye grass, wheat, rye, clover or any kind of seed for winter grazing with out tearing up the existing grass or pulling rocks out of the ground," writes Mr. Walters. "I sow on top of the ground with a cyclone seeder then two passes over extra dry ground and I have an excellent seed bed."

An additional benefit is that the implement can easily be handled by his smaller 3000 Ford tractor allowing him access to enclosed lots and saves on fuel.