Brian and Angie Spencer of Malta, Idaho developed a system to sort cattle as they exit the working chute. The first gate is built into a stand-alone framework that is swung open or closed by hand. The second gate is also built into a stand-alone framework, but the gate is run by a toggle switch that operates the motor from an old garage-door opener. Attached to the gates are portable panels that feed into different pens. This allows for a three-way sort out of the chute. This system is effective when pregnancy checking to sort cows, heifers and open females, and at weaning to separate calves by size when vaccinating. The electric gate is also used in front of both a single- and double-stall AI barn to separate females that have been bred from those not quite ready for breeding. The Spencers claim this sorting system significantly reduces stress on cattle and people by eliminating the need to sort cattle before or after the animals visit the working chute.