Drought or other adverse conditions may leave you short on feed and forage. To stretch that supply consider some strategic, systematic culling to eliminate those "hay burners," according to James Neel with the University of Tennessee agricultural extension service.

* Cull open cows and heifers.

* Cull older cows. Cows over 10 years of age tend to have reduced productivity and lower market value.

* Cull unsound cows. Cows with bad udders, bad eyes, crippled or bad feet and legs should be eliminated from the herd.

* Cull cows that calve "out of season." Consider eliminating cows that calve out of your calving season window-either early or late calvers. Remember late calvers tend to be slower getting bred back during breeding season.

* Evaluate poor producing cows. Check your production records and consider culling those cows that produced calves with low production values, such as weaning weights.

* Cull cows that lost calves for any reason.

* Cull cows with poor dispositions. Get rid of animals that are wild or easily excited