Did your calving season string out for a long time this year? A long calving period can reduce reproductive efficiency and profits. Delayed rebreeders can extend your breeding season and could be costing you money.

Research has shown that heifers calving early in the breeding season are more likely to calve early throughout their productive life. A four-year study at the University of Tennessee showed that 90.2 percent of heifers that rebred during the first 30 days of a 90-day breeding season rebred during the first 30 days in following breeding seasons.

At weaning time in the fall, calves in the study born during the early part of the season were 136 pounds heavier than those born during the latter one-third of the season. This means more pounds to sell and more dollars returned to your operation.

Allowing heifers that are slow breeders to remain in your herd could be robbing your profits. To tighten up your calving season next year, cull those slow breeders and keep only those heifers that breed early. The culling rate may be higher than desired during the first few years, but the cull rate should drop after the undesirable slow breeders are removed.