• Use younger, lighter bulls on heifers to reduce the risk of injuring their reproductive organs.
  • Minimize injuries due to fighting by wintering bulls together that will be turned out together during the breeding season, establishing the pecking order.
  • A bull with a blind eye is at a disadvantage when fighting, increasing likelihood of injury.
    Minimize eye problems by controlling pink eye-causing agents.
  • Bulls that coexist peacefully often become "unruly" when moved. If you trail bulls to various locations consider hauling them to minimize the danger to the bulls, the horsemen and fences along the way.
  • Remove hazards and obstacles in bull lots.
  • Deep mud can be a problem most of the time but can actually be beneficial when bulls are fighting. They become fatigued faster and stop fighting sooner.
  • Keep a young bull fresh off of feeding tests separate for a time until he can be forced to do some exercise. Young bulls are easily injured until they get in shape.
  • Supply good nutrition and adequate minerals in the diet to build stron bones.
  • Select for good confirmation and soundness.