Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) is typically the result of several factors rather than one specific disease. Below are tips to prevent BRD:

  • Start with calving. Eliminating dystocia and having the dam in adequate body condition
    will increase the likelihood of the calf receiving colostrum in their first few hours. Calves with an inadequate passive transfer of maternal antibodies are at greater risk of suffering BRD in the feedlot.
  • Wean before shipping. The Texas Ranch to Rail program has determined that cattle weaned for 45 days had the fewest problems.
    n Reduce stress where possible. Procedures such as castration and dehorning are less stressful early in life.
  • Have a proper vaccination program. Immunization takes time while incubation for respiratory disease is only a few days. Vaccine at least two to four weeks prior to shipping.
  • Control parasites. It's easier for a calf's immune system to fight off a virus if it is not already trying to fight off parasites.
  • Pay attention to nutrition. Poor nutrition compromises the immune system.
  • Keep records. Know which cattle were treated with which products and in what management system so adjustments can be made if necessary.