The Feb. 28 Web cast of No Better Bull, the weekly Internet-based seminar sponsored by Drovers and Leachman Cattle of Colorado, featured the program’s top-10 tips for profitable ranching. Host Lee Leachman summarized these valuable ideas gleaned from over 50 industry innovators and thought leaders who presented on the program over the past year. For more detailed information on each tip, you can view the archived program online at Click on the No Better Bull banner to access the archives and information about the program.

  • Smaller cows are more profitable. In a study conducted by the Arkansas Extension Service, small cows generated more profit than large cows under commercial conditions. Shane Gadberry, PhD, University of Arkansas Extension * Reduce the cost of feeding cows by calving later in the season and better utilizing forage resources. Rick Funston, PhD, University of Nebraska
  • Use hybrid vigor. Crossbred cows wean 23 percent more pounds per cow exposed. Larry Cundiff, PhD, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Neb.
  • Develop heifers with less cost. Heifers will perform when developed on range. Trey Patterson, PhD, assistant manager, Padlock Ranch, Wyo.
  • Synchronize heifers with the CIDR Select protocol to improve conception by 15 percent over older methods. Cliff Lamb, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Pre-conditioning calves pays, with premiums in-creasing for higher levels of preconditioning and verification. Jim Odle, Superior Livestock Auctions
  • Pre-weaned calves outperform unweaned calves in the feedlot, with 23 percent lower morbidity and 49 lower mortality. Scott MacGregor, DVM, Livestock Consulting Services
  • Select for feed efficiency. Wide variation in feed efficiency can result in production cost differences as high as $288 per head in the feedlot. Mark Allan, PhD, U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, Clay Center, Neb.
  • Use the Sandhills Calving System to virtually eliminate deaths from calf scours on your operation. Dave Smith, DVM, University of Nebraska
  • Capitalize on your asset base. Find ways to generate income from resources you do not use. Dave Pratt, PhD, Ranch Management Consultants Inc.