"For years I have used different trailers for hauling hay but I was never satisfied," writes Brian Gustafson, a producer from McGregor, N.D., who puts up 1,500 bales of hay per year. One problem was the need to tie up two loader tractorsduring haying season-one for loading in the field and one for unloading in the yard.

Because time and efficiency are important to his one-man operation, Mr. Gustaf-son looked at a lot of different hay trailers with self-loading and unloading capabilities, but they were expensive and required a tractor to pull them. Due to the distance of hauling, he needed a trailer that could be pulled by pick-up truck and hold up over rough, rocky terrain.

To meet his needs, Mr. Gustafson designed and built a self-unloading trailer that hauls 16, 5-foot by 6-foot round bales at a time. With durability in mind, the trailer was built with 6-inch by 8-inch tubing, three Torflex axles and 2-inch by 3-inch tubing for the cradles. To trip the load, he put one lever on each side. Each lever unlatches the cradle and has a kicker to give the bale a little nudge.