Moving large, round hay bales can be a hazardous process because of the many methods and types of machinery used to do the work. The following are some safety precautions to follow when working with loaders and moving bales.

  • Do not overfill the loader. Transport the load as low as possible to avoid overturning.
  • Move and turn the tractor at low speeds.
  • Set wheels to the widest setting possible to increase tractor stability.
  • Never transport or lift anyone on the loader or its attachments.
  • Look up and avoid overhead electric power lines when moving with an elevated front-end loader.
  • Stop the loader arms gradually when lowering or raising the front-end loader.
  • Operate the loader from the operator’s seat only.
  • Always stay out of the area under a raised front-end loader.
  • Always level the loader bucket tines as the load is raised to help prevent the load from rolling backward.