The Veterinary Science Department at South DakotaStateUniversity recently released a case study regarding “hardware disease” associated with feeders made from old tires. Seven cows in a South Dakota herd died over a few weeks, and several others were sick, with signs including fever, lethargy, anorexia, excessive salivation and abortion. SDSU veterinarians performed necropsies on two of the cows and found internal damage caused by sections of wire. Further investigation revealed that the cattle had been using a hay-feeding station made from a large tire encircling a round bale. Feeding activity apparently wore away some of the rubber on the tire and exposed wires that formed the tire’s steel belts. The cattle subsequently consumed bits of wire with the hay, resulting in the internal damage, infections, sickness and death. Based on this case, the veterinarians discourage producers from using steel-belted tires as hay-feeding stations.