Farmer and cattle feeder Jim Anderson, Longmont, Colo., promotes agriculture in a big way. In addition to crop and livestock production, Mr. Anderson operates a separate business, called Colorado Agricultural and Rural Experience, with his partner Mike Smith. The operation hosts a variety of activities that entertain kids and adults while educating them about agriculture.

This fall, the centerpiece of the operation is an elaborate cornfield maze, billed as the world's largest. With the help of a professional designer and Global Positioning System technology, the partners cut the maze into a 22-acre corn field that they had cross-planted to increase plant density. The maze includes the shapes of a buffalo, a bighorn ram, mountains and a flying goose, formed by 6.6 miles of trails.

Each part of the maze includes several checkpoints where participants can identify their location on a map and use a distinctively shaped hole-punch to mark their progress on a card. The maze and other attractions will draw visitors to Anderson Farms each weekend through October. For more information on activities at Anderson Farms, visit their Web site at