The exact cause of employee burnout varies from person to person, says Dorothy Lecher, human resources director of Prema-Lean Pork. Employee burnout can be caused by the workplace, lack of control by the employee (unrealistic expectations, inability to set and maintain boundaries) or by a poor employee/workplace match (personal values conflict with job or lack of skills).

Here are some factors Ms. Lecher points out that contribute to burnout stress:

1 Expectation of greater workload and longer hours.

2 Loss of individual autonomy, predictable income, trust and respect of your professional role and over-scheduling.

3 Pressure to take on more risks as your business system demands compliance and to decrease costs but increase quality.

4 Inability to balance

personal and professional life.

5 Decreased company or peer socialization and collegiality.

6 Lack of positive and timely feedback from management or the owners of the company.

7 Difficulty in saying “No” (at work, home, church, volunteer activities or in the community).

8 Unrealistic expectations from customers or employees.