With all his children grown, moved away and no help to be found, Dennis Little, Minatare, Neb., utilized his corral system so that he could work by himself easier. He engineered his working tub so that he can vaccinate, preg check or catch a cow that may need help at calving time without having to run them up the alley to the chute. This simplifies and speeds up small jobs that he has to do alone.

Mr. Little started by mounting a slotted chain catch on the latch assembly of the tub’s sweep gate. He then attached a 6-foot chain to the opposite side, next to the alley going down to the chute area. A panel is used to block the alley opening so that he can catch the animal with the sweep gate. He then places a chain in back of the animal and secures it in the slotted catch.

By opening an access gate that he placed at the rear of the sweep gate he can quickly step in to preg check, artificially inseminate or assist in calving. If he’s having problems inseminating a small framed animal he can cinch the gate tighter on her, or if a calving cow goes down he can release it to allow for more room.