Whether you are starting a new business or are operating an existing one, you will benefit greatly by having a written business plan. There are many ways to write a business plan, but here are some of the major items you should consider including, according to the Strategic Business Planning Co.

  • Executive summery: Provide a concise overview of the business. It should be the last section written and the first to be read later on.
  • Vision and mission: Spell out your vision or purpose for the business. Include a mission statement expressing its vision and goals.
  • Company Plan: Outline how the business is organized now and in the future, and describe positions and decision-makers. Ownership and outside support should also be defined.
  • Production Plan: Describe the product or service, and the benefits that you provide to customers.
  • Marketing analysis: The longest section of your marketing plan, the marketing analysis is the detailed description of the available facts and statistics about the environment in which the business will operate.
  • Marketing plan: Describe how you will sell your product or service.
  • Operation plan: You may chose to include in your plan how the product is made or manufactured.
  • Financial plan: The Financial Plan expresses in dollars what all the other sections of the plan describe in words. This section incorporates the cost of bringing the products and services to market. It should address the funding needed and how and when it will be paid back.
  • Supporting documents: Financial statements, as well as other supporting documents such as charts, resumes industry statistics, can all be included in an appendix.

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