Who is the fluffy cows artist?

Last month’s feature (“Fluffy cows, the rest of the story,” Drovers/CattleNetwork, August 2013, page 24) described how Matt Lautner’s prize bull Texas Tornado became an Internet sensation earlier this year. FULL STORY »

Auditing animal welfare

There are more opportunities than ever for producers to let consumers know how they care for their cattle. FULL STORY »

The continuing evolution of ADT

Animal disease traceability moves forward, with states setting standards and forging agreements. FULL STORY »

Iowa's sacred cows

On Sunday, Aug. 11, the animal-rights group Iowans for Animal Liberation attacked the sacred symbol of the Iowa State Fair — the Butter Cow. FULL STORY »

Night watchmen

Jeff Schenk’s sharp eye and experience help him spot sick calves — even in the dark. FULL STORY »

I'm a Drover: A legacy of beef

A career focused on teaching and research into beef quality leaves a lasting influence for students, producers and consumers. FULL STORY »

Declaring sovereignty (over food)

It may be a little early to call food sovereignty an actual movement, but should it become one, Maine will have led the way. FULL STORY »

Fluffly cows cast light on beef

When photos of Matt Lautner’s prize show bull Texas Tornado appeared on a popular online forum Reddit, he had no idea it would create an Internet sensation. FULL STORY »

Communicate, Yes, but what?

Beef producers and industry stakeholders face a communications dilemma. We know consumers have concerns over modern production of meat and other foods. We know they lack familiarity with farming and ranching and are susceptible to negative misinformation. FULL STORY »

Food Safety Pioneer

If you have eaten a steak or a hamburger this week, it likely was produced under quality- and safety-control systems either initiated or implemented by Dell Allen, a former Kansas State University professor who retired in 2009 as vice president of quality assurance and safety for Cargill Meat Solutions. At Cargill, he was recognized as a food-safety pioneer, overseeing the development and implementation of numerous food-safety technologies that benefited not just Cargill but ultimately the entire meat industry. FULL STORY »

Flaxseed: A superfood for cattle, too

Flax earned its reputation as a superfood — for people — thanks mainly to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. FULL STORY »

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