For many years seedstock producer Dave Nichols, of Nichols Farms in Bridgewater, Iowa, has reminded producers to, "Never forget the consumer holding the fork." In a new chapter in the Nichols' pursuit of beef quality and consumer satisfaction, Nichols Farms has teamed up with the Machine Shed Restaurants to bring Nichols' branded beef to the plate.

Mike Whalen, owner of Heart of America Restaurants and Inns, which include The Machine Shed restaurants, opened his first restaurant on the outskirts of Davenport, Iowa, in 1978. "Never forget the American farmer," has been the credo and long-standing commitment of Mr. Whalen. Diners at the Machine Shed restaurants in Davenport, Iowa, and Des Moines, Iowa, location are already enjoying Nichols beef.

Order any of the dozen-plus menu items featuring beef, and you'll be eating fork tender Nichols Farms Beef, whether it's the charbroiled burger, old-fashion pot roast, prime rib or the colossal 24-once Butcher Shop Porterhouse.

"It's exactly the superb product we were looking for," commented Mr. Whalen. "Sourced close to home. Juicy. Tender. Consistent. Most importantly, the cattle are raised by local farmers who share our passion for preserving the family farm."

Unlike value-added beef programs that require a buy-in, this program is offered free of charge to cattle producers who use Nichols genetics.

"For our customers and cattle feeders with Nichols' genetics, this is a fantastic opportunity to add additional value to their cattle," says Ross Havens, marketing coordinator for Nichols Farms.

Who can participate?

  • Nichols' customers who raise and finish their cattle at home.
  • Nichols' customers who raise, then retain ownership at a custom feedlot.
  • Feeders who purchases cattle at Nichols Genetic Source Auctions.
  • Feeders who purchase cattle from Nichols' customers at private treaty.
  • Feeders who purchase calves in livestock auctions that will source verify that the calves are sired by Nichols' bulls.

How are finished cattle marketed?

  • The cattle are marketed on IBP's Real Time Grid at Dension, Iowa.
  • Carcasses that meet Nichols/Machine Shed specifications are taken for further processing to Jim's Wholesale Meats at Harlan, Iowa. Individual carcasses selected for the Machine Shed Restaurants receive an additional $2.50 per hundredweight over the IBP Real Time Grid price.

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