Another dry month across America’s heartland limited demand for all classes of females. Stockpiled feedstuffs are low, but many ranchers’ immediate concern is the availability of drinking water for cattle.  

Bred female prices were mixed during November. Bred heifers found bids $34 per head higher than the previous month, but young and middle-aged cows were $43 per head lower. Aged, bred cows saw a modest $7-per-head gain.

Prices paid for cow-calf pairs were also mixed, with cows and large calves posting a gain of $23 per pair, and cows with small calves fi nding bids $29 per head lower. Small or aged cows were down $6 per pair.

Average prices for open females during November were mostly steady with October averages. Heiferettes declined 13 cents per hundredweight, while young and middle-aged, open females dropped 5 cents per hundredweight. Aged, open cows saw bids $4.02 per hundredweight lower.

Utility and commercial cows averaged $72.25 per hundredweight. Canner and cutter cows sold for an average of $63.09. Despite recent declines, slaughter cows remain $9 to $10 per hundredweight higher than last year.

Dry conditions weigh on female markets