Gains continued for stocker and yearling feeder calves through November with improvements of more than $6 per hundredweight for both steer and heifer calves. Prices for yearling and feeder steers and heifers in November were $3 to $6 higher than those experienced in October, according to Drovers/Cattle- Network’s 50-market auction summary. Steer calves weighing 400 to 500 pounds averaged $188.05 per hundredweight in November compared to the $181.94 average in October. Yearling steers weighing 600 to 700 pounds were up $3.72 per hundredweight to $158.70, compared to $154.93 in October. Heifer calves continued trending upward in November, improving $6.59 per hundredweight to $165.92. Yearling heifers averaged $144.23 per hundredweight for the month compared to $138.49 in October.

Feeder prices continue higher trend