Demand for breeding stock may be strong, but July markets usually don’t present a good test. Last year’s drought weighed heavily on female markets, but this year finds many producers with plenty of forage while others are still under the ravages of drought.

Feeder cattle markets saw a rally during July, and slaughter cows also posted stronger prices. Breeding females — at least the ones that made it to town — found mostly lower bids that are likely more of a reflection of quality than demand.

Bred females saw mostly steady bids, with few bred heifers on the market.

The biggest price decline during July was found on cow-calf pairs, again probably more a reflection on quality than demand.

Slaughter cow averages gained $2 to $3 per hundredweight. Utility and commercial cows averaged $3.02 per hundredweight higher during July. Canner and cutter cows were up an average of $2.35 per hundredweight. Slaughter cows in July were steady to $1 per hundredweight higher than last year.

Female markets mixed in light test

Female markets mixed in light test