Female prices follow fed markets lowerAfter defying the cattle market’s lower trend during May, female prices came back to reality and followed fed-cattle prices lower during June. Drovers/CattleNetwork’s monthly analysis of female prices, however, suggests demand for females remains strong, and prices for cow-calf pairs continue to stage their own rally, moving higher again during June.

D-CN data show young and middle-aged, bred females posting per head declines of $101 and $32 last month, while open heiferettes and aged, open cows saw declines of $30 and $41 per head, respectively. In the pairs category, cows with small calves gained $52 per pair during June, while cows with large calves increased $25 per pair. Small or aged cows with calves gained $56. Slaughter cows were steady to $1.50 per hundredweight lower.

Fed-cattle prices averaged $106.91 per hundredweight during June, a decline of $5. Feeder steers weighing 750 pounds saw an average of $122.08 last month, a drop of more than $6 per hundredweight.

Corn prices increased on average about 25 cents per bushel during June, ending at $7.29. The steer-corn ratio was 15.0, down 0.78 from May.

Female prices follow fed markets lower