Steer and heifer prices increased marginally in September, moving between $1 to $3 higher in both calf and yearling markets. Gains during the month failed to match big increases in August; however, all markets managed to improve, according to Drovers/CattleNetwork’s 50-market auction summary. Gains were led again by steer calves weighing 400 to 500 pounds, up an average of $2.42 per hundredweight, moving to $178.93. Yearling steers weighing 600 to 700 pounds gained $1.35 per hundredweight, averaging $151.93. Heifer calves improved by $1.49 in September with an average of $157.01, and yearling heifers showed the second-highest growth this month by moving $1.66 higher to average $135.88 per hundredweight.

Gains continue for calves, yearlings in September