Demand for breeding-age replacement females surged higher during April, despite unusually cool weather that delayed the grazing season.

Open-female prices were $2 to $6 per hundredweight higher during the month, except for aged, open cows, which found bids $7 per hundredweight lower. Heiferettes saw averages increase $2 per hundredweight, while young and middle-aged open cows were $6 per hundredweight higher.

Bred females provided April’s largest increase, with bred heifers trading $131 per head higher. Young- and middle-aged bred cows saw bids average $62 per head higher. Aged, bred cows were $7 per head higher.

Prices paid for cow-calf pairs were stronger across the board. Cows and small calves posted an $84-per-pair gain, and cows with large calves found bids $113 per pair higher. Small or aged cows with calves were up $120 per pair.

Slaughter cow averages declined $2 to $3 per hundredweight. Utility and commercial cows averaged $2.43 per hundredweight lower. Canner and cutter cows sold for an average of $2.75 per hundredweight lower.

Markets: Replacement female prices stronger