Green pastures encouraged thoughts of restocking for bidders who were pushing prices higher during the month of August. Female markets were up, with bred females fetching a full $200 more per head than a year earlier.

Cow-calf pairs posted similar gains, led by cows with large calves pulling in over $1,500 per pair. Higher feeder cattle prices paired with lower feed costs helped reduce feedyard losses to less than $100 per head. Feeder supplies continue to tighten with August placements and inventories trending downward. Open females were in demand in areas receiving more rain, especially young and middle-aged cows that saw average prices increase by over $6 per hundredweight compared to July. Sales of bred heifers were sparse but were more active than July.

Average slaughter cow prices were less than $2 per hundredweight higher. Canner and cutter cows were up $1.40 per hundredweight on average. Utility and commercial cows averaged 77 cents higher per hundredweight compared to last month. Slaughter cows were $5 to $7 above year-earlier prices.

Restocking lifts female markets higher