Calf runs peeked in mid- to late October bringing what many analysts believe to be the price-low for fall. According to Drovers' 50-market summary, steer calves 400 to 500 pounds averaged $102.49 per hundredweight, a $2 increase, late in October. Steers, 600 to 700 pounds held steady at $86.16 per hundredweight. Heifer calves weighing 400 to 500 pounds remained steady as well at $90.53 per hundredweight. Yearling heifers averaged $78.28 per hundredweight, down $2. Heavy losses in the feedyards put pressure on calf prices in October but feeders show signs of becoming more current. Fall rains and warm days may provide some late-year demand from stocker operators, but at best, expect calf prices to remain steady to slightly higher through the end of 2000.