Greg Henderson is Editor of Drovers. Greg Henderson assumed the leadership of Beef Today in August 2013. Previously, he was the long-time Drovers editor. He writes from Mission, Kan.

John Maday is managing editor of Drovers magazine and its affiliate media products. Based in Fort Collins, Colo., John has worked on the editorial staff at Drovers since 1993. Prior to that, he spent about six years at the University of Florida developing instructional materials and in-service training programs for vocational agriculture education in Florida. He earned a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and a Master of Science degree in extension education from the University of Florida.

Wyatt Bechtel joined the Beef Today team in October 2013, after serving as as an assistant editor for Vance Publishing. He was raised on a ranch in the Kansas Flint Hills, where he remains active in managing the family’s cow herd and assisting in veterinary procedures and pharmaceutical research. Wyatt is an agricultural journalism graduate of Kansas State University, and is currently based in Mission, Kan. You can reach Wyatt at wbechtel@farmjournal.com.


Drovers is working with a deep bench of contributing industry experts to help us better meet our readers’ and customers’ needs. These men and women are getting their boots dirty each day in the cattle business – from analyzing the latest market trends, setting the pace in genetic technologies and raising the next generation of cattlemen and women to communicating with consumers, managing cow-calf ranches and feedyards and more.
We pride ourselves on having in-house editorial staff who, themselves, are active participants on their families’ cattle operations, but working with this diverse team of industry experts helps set us apart from the rest. We will continue to work with our current team of contributors but will always work to add new insight and new expertise as we move Drovers into a new era in the U.S. beef cattle industry.
Sustainability:  Wayne Fahsholtz dedicated his career to managing some of the nation’s largest ranches. He provides commentary as the beef industry works to become more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. *
View from the Feedyard: Jesse Larios opens the gate to Foster Feedyard in California, explaining the cattle-feeding process to producers and consumers.
Show Mom Dairies:  Christy Couch Lee Christy is an agricultural communications veteran but she’s beginning a new role in agriculture – one as a show mom. She writes about the trials, tribulations and accomplishments of her children’s experiences showing cattle. *
Genetic selection for profit: Lee Leachman, owner of Leachman Cattle of Colorado, one of the nation’s largest seedstock operations, details selection strategies that bring profits to ranches.*
Stockmanship:  Whit Hibbard is a fourth generation Montana cattle and sheep rancher, and he’s an expert on the study of stockmanship, including low-stress cattle handling practices, horsemanship, facility design and more. *
Policy Perspectives:  Steve Dittmer has nearly 30 years experience in management, marketing, and communications in the beef industry. He provides commentary on regulatory, legislative and political issues affecting beef industry. *
Commentary: Chuck Jolley, a meat industry insider, analyzes issues affecting packers, retailers and consumers.
Commentary: Dan Murphy, a veteran meat and food journalist often offers a contrarian view while covering many sensitive and controversial food issues.
Consumer Commentary:  Suzanne Bopp offers her insights on consumer concerns and preferences. Her experiences range from ranching in Wyoming to research in Antarctica, to living in New Jersey writing for consumer magazines.*
Sterling Profit Tracker: John Nalivka, president and CEO of Sterling Marketing, provides exclusive analysis of margins and economic trends from the cow-calf producer though the packer.*