California governor vetoes antibiotics bill

Governor Jerry Brown vetoed state Senate Bill 835, legislation that would have phased out the use of antibiotics for growth promotion and required a veterinarian prescription for all antibiotics. FULL STORY »

Closer management required for ag economy's transition

The economy of the U.S. agriculture sector is in a transition phase following a 10-year period of wealth. Now, with global economies slipping, the agriculture sector is also slipping. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Vegan Noo Yawk? No way!

PETA tries to give The Big Apple a new moniker as ‘The Most Vegan-Friendly City.’ But as a former resident of the Upper West Side, I got one word for their award: ‘Fuhgedabouit!’ FULL STORY »

Indiana looking for livestock grant recipients

The Indiana State Department of Agriculture is taking applications for two livestock grants that will go to those who are helping foster growth within the state's livestock industry. FULL STORY »

Twelve head of cattle stolen from Texas ranch

Sometime between Sept. 29 and 30, twelve head of cattle, seven bridles, three saddles and several tools were stolen from a ranch in Harrison County, Texas. FULL STORY »

Sorting cows for more efficient winter supplemental feeding

First calf heifers have historically been the toughest females on the ranch to get rebred. They are being asked to continue to grow, produce milk, repair the reproductive tract, and have enough stored body energy (fat) to return to heat cycles in a short time frame. FULL STORY »

The new GMO concern: Superweeds

New worries surrounding genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are coming to the surface after the USDA approved new corn and soy seeds from Dow Chemical last month. FULL STORY »

Not so fast on plans to import beef from Brazil, Argentina

Twice in the last twelve months the U.S. Department of Agriculture has proposed rules to import beef from specific regions of South American countries. And twice in the last twelve months agricultural organizations and lawmakers have met the agency head on and said “not so fast” in moving forward with the proposals due to potential risk of introducing foot and mouth disease (FMD) into the United States. FULL STORY »

Tri-State Beef to open new facility in Ohio

Tri-State Beef Inc., a subsidiary of Dae Kyung Oil and Transportation Co., is opening a new beef slaughter, packaging and processing facility in Gallia County, Ohio. FULL STORY »

IRS helps drought-stricken farmers

The Internal Revenue Service is helping farmers and ranchers who were forced to sell their livestock during the drought by extending the period of time they have to replace their animals and deferring tax on gains from the sales. FULL STORY »

Florida receives $1 million energy conservation grant

The USDA has awarded the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services a $1 million grant for conservation innovation. FULL STORY »

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