White House's Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture

From record droughts in Kansas to deadly wildfires in California, the United States is feeling the effects of climate change. FULL STORY »

Women are becoming more prominent in agriculture

Women have been becoming more commonplace in agriculture, but the 2012 Census of Agriculture reports that women were the principal operators of only 14% of the more than two million U.S. farms that same year. FULL STORY »

Hall of Fame honors Dr. Bechtol Play video

During the recent AABP conference, the Cattle Production Veterinarian Hall of Fame honored David Bechtol, DVM, as this year’s beef inductee. FULL STORY »

Might be a good year to creep feed calves

With record-high cattle prices, many Kentucky beef producers might look to creep feeding to put additional weight on calves before weaning. If producers are careful, they could cash in. FULL STORY »

The future of food

The website for a new meal-replacement product called Soylent, after posing that question, paints an enticing picture of the freedom and convenience of a food-free future: “Prepare multiple meals in minutes — no need to shop for individual ingredients or plan ahead. Spend less than $10 per day on food and less than $4 per meal. Eat balanced and wholesome — get all of the essential nutrients required to fuel the human body.” FULL STORY »

Commentary: The hunt is on

Several states are trying to make the sport of hunting into a constitutional right for its citizens. Extreme? In light of the continued opposition of animal activists, maybe that’s not a bad idea. FULL STORY »

Calm cattle and carcass quality

Easily excitable cattle can be dangerous to themselves and cattle-handling personnel. And according to a recent project conducted at North Dakota State University, they may also have lower quality carcasses than calmer cattle. FULL STORY »

Maximize tax savings from health insurance costs

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the individual mandate requires farmers to obtain and maintain "minimum essential coverage" (MEC) for themselves and dependents. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Lion on the loose

Whenever a sports team dreams up an animal mascot stunt — in this case, a football club Down Under parading a lion onto the field — you can bet there’s an activist just waiting to pounce. FULL STORY »

Working cattle with safety as a mindset

Recently I attended an OSHA Ten Safety Training Seminar and was reminded again, of how dangerous the agricultural occupation is for cattle producers. FULL STORY »

Man indicted in case involving 13 missing steers

William Lloyd Dulaney, Tolar, Texas, has been indicted on suspicion of cattle theft in Coleman County. FULL STORY »

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