Washington ranchers urge for wolf relocation

Wolves have been killing livestock in northeastern Washington, so ranchers have posed a solution to the ongoing issue: move the wolves to western Washington. FULL STORY »

Cow deaths, mutilations investigation in Utah continues

Several head of cattle in Daggett County, Utah have been found dead and mutilated in nearby fields in the past two weeks, according to Daggett County Sheriff's spokesperson Susie Potter. FULL STORY »

Berman: Camouflaged activists threaten agriculture

Normally, this column space is reserved for the goings on of HSUS and other animal-liberation activists. But recently, they haven’t been having much success. FULL STORY »

Livestock genetics facility could come to Fresno County, Calif.

Within the next couple years, Fresno County, Calif., could be the new home of an animal genetic research facility sponsored by the United Nations. FULL STORY »

Clenbuterol continues to be an issue in central Mexico's beef

Clenbuterol, a growth enhancer used for cattle, has been banned in Mexico for fourteen years, but some Mexican cattle producers haven't been able to discontinue its use, especially near Mexico City. FULL STORY »

Colorado State faculty help fund Animal Sciences project

Colorado State University's College of Agricultural Sciences is getting a helping hand from two of its animal sciences professors. FULL STORY »

$1,770 hamburger hits London

An American-style diner named Honky Tonk in London has created the most expensive hamburger in the world. FULL STORY »

Beef cattle triplets born in Tennessee

On Sept. 26, a cow on Keith and Julie Harrison's beef cattle farm in Eastern Wilson County, Tenn., gave birth to triplet calves. FULL STORY »

Drought harms Texas cattle industry

Texas' total cattle inventory is down, despite the fact that the state has received more rain this year than it has in the past few years. FULL STORY »

Feeding distillers grains on the ground or in a bunk Play video

In recent months distillers grain price has declined while beef cattle prices have reached historic highs. FULL STORY »

Profit strategies: Increasing the cow herd

There are a number of ways to increase the cow herd, some of which include saving heifers from your calf crop, buying young open heifers, buying bred heifers, buying young bred cows, buying pairs and, lastly, buying open cows. FULL STORY »

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