Feeding distillers grains on the ground or in a bunk Play video

In recent months distillers grain price has declined while beef cattle prices have reached historic highs. FULL STORY »

Profit strategies: Increasing the cow herd

There are a number of ways to increase the cow herd, some of which include saving heifers from your calf crop, buying young open heifers, buying bred heifers, buying young bred cows, buying pairs and, lastly, buying open cows. FULL STORY »

Manure spill under investigation at Iowa feedlot

A manure spill from a 14,000-head-capacity beef cattle feedlot near Guthrie Center, Iowa, is currently under investigation by Iowa officials. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Butter’s back, baby

But although new research exonerates the consumption of saturated fats in meat and dairy, the self-styled nutritional gurus at Harvard just can’t bring themselves to acknowledge the obvious. FULL STORY »

EPA extends water rule comment period to after midterm elections

Amid increasing opposition from agriculture and other industry groups, and from another agency in the Obama Administration, and with less than one month to go before the midterm congressional elections that could result a shift of power in the Senate, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it would push back the deadline to submit comments on its proposed rule to redefine “waters of the United States” until November 14. FULL STORY »

Texas politician visits Illinois for an agriculture Q&A session

U.S. Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas, along with Bobby Schilling of Illinois participated in a question-answer session with farmers in Geneseo and Rio, Ill., Oct. 3. FULL STORY »

Around 90,000 pounds of ground beef is being recalled

Sam Kane Beef Processors in Texas has recalled around 90,000 pounds of ground beef. The recall comes after consumers found bits of metal in the meat. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with a meat company finding its soul

Big ag, big food, big pharma; they've all taken their lumps for being too big, too evil, too bad and too bottom line money oriented. They are nothing more than monstrous, soulless entities. But 'big' is something usually required to finance big things. A really big idea needs generous inputs of big money to become a reality and that's when a big business comes in handy. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Twin piques

A couple of recent news items related to meat-eating might seem off-putting at first glance, but I’d argue that although they’re completely different, in their own way they’re both quite uplifting. FULL STORY »

New drone regulations to be released in Nov.

Farmers are hoping for decreased drone regulations to increase productivity and farm technology. The FAA is expected to release new regulation this Nov. FULL STORY »

Not your grandma’s beef

Flip through Betty Crocker’s 1950-edition cookbook and you’ll find ground beef and slow-cooker comfort food galore. Pot pie, cheeseburger bake, meatballs, casserole after casserole, and loaded baked potatoes topped with enough butter and love to take your senses back to grandma’s kitchen table — simple times when all you needed was a little fat, salt and a side of potatoes to reach culinary perfection. FULL STORY »

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