Chuck Jolley

Jolley: Five minutes with Monsanto

The phrase "Evil Empire" was a hard stone cast at the Soviet Union by Ronald Reagan in 1983. At its most vile, it's a nickname hung on the hated New York Yankees by Mets fans everywhere. Today, it's a handy descriptor that unlettered foodies all across America are trying to make synonymous with Monsanto. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Dr. Nevil Speer & the future of antibiotics in animal ag

Concerned about the growing debate about what some call the egregious misuse of antibiotics in animal agriculture? You should be. The outcome could take the sensible use of important medicines out of your hands. FULL STORY »

Brittany Howell, Ph.D., teaching the next generation of cattlemen

Dr. Brittany Howell didn't grow up on a ranch. Her mother grew up helping with the family farm in Kansas, and her father got involved helping farm as well when he met her mother in college. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Dr. Derrell Peel and the future of the cattle industry

For the last half dozen years, the weather and market conditions have treated the U.S. cattle industry with all the tenderness given to Rocky Balboa’s face in the early rounds of that famous boxing match in the first Rocky movie. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Awkward business decisions behind safer meat production

Dr. James Marsden said he is almost ready to claim victory over E. coli O157:H7. After a tour of a medium-sized grinder and a long, hard look at the hurdles he had suggested they put in place, he hedged a bit, though. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five Minutes with COOL. What’s your opinion?

Almost every trade association in North America that is even remotely related to meat was watching one lonely courthouse on Tuesday. A decision about a requested injunction delaying the implementation of COOL, one of the most critical laws that could drastically change how meat is labeled and marketed in the U.S., was about to be handed down by brand new U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Cindy Greiman, newest CBB member, horse woman & rancher

Cindy Greiman grew up on an Iowa farm. She’s spent her life around cattle, horses and grain, so it was only natural that she attended Iowa State University and majored in agricultural business. One might say she was born to the good life. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Will Frankenmeat escape the lab?

Monday, August 5, is a day that will live forever in culinary infamy. On that grim and foreboding day, the first-ever public tasting of a lab-grown faux burger took place in London, a town not known throughout the ages as a center of fine dining. FULL STORY »

Jolley: Five minutes with Dr. Craig Roberts and ergot

The problem most cattlemen in the Midwest battled for the past few years was a lack of good pasture. The drought meant little grass and expensive hay. This spring, the drought broke with a vengeance. Near record spring rains encouraged good growth but muddy conditions discouraged cutting. FULL STORY »

Jolley: R-CALF’s Bill Bullard and the COOL question

Just a few short days ago, I received an email message from the American Meat Institute. The subject was COOL and the content of that press conference was predictable. The AMI was going to be against it and most of the North American meat industry trade associations were going to join them in a lawsuit. FULL STORY »

Jolley: MCOOL goes acourtin’

A challenge to the Mandatory COOL rule issued by USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) on May 23 has been filed by six U.S. plaintiffs. R-CALF, a long-time strong proponent of country of origin labeling, thought the suit was without merit. FULL STORY »

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