Dan Murphy

Commentary: Recipes to fry for

Summer foods are supposed to be light, refreshing, full of fresh fruits and veggies. But as Old Man Winter arrives, you reach for the comfort foods—and that means deep-fried and delicious. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Everything there is to know

Take it from the self-styled King of Meat: If you’re only going to buy one cookbook this year, ‘Meat: Everything There is to Know’ is the one you ought to consider. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Vive la différence

Plenty of American Francophobes make fun of France’s socialist government programs, but when it comes to supporting their country’s producers, we might take a lesson from the French. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Pumped full of drugs

For once, that tired talking point might actually be true, as an (alleged) drug addict is accused of stabbing meat packages at a West Coast Walmart store with a hypodermic syringe. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Going down?

If we’re talking about CO2 emissions from fossil fuel consumption, then yes: The good news is that they’ve declined—significantly—in the last six years. Why? Well, that’s a little less clear. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Clueless in college

A field trip to an undergraduate class on sustainable food production ends up in a horror show of misinformation and ignorance—from students who are supposed to be the educated elite. FULL STORY »

Commentary: GMO mojo

In two weeks, Washington will become the first state to require mandatory GMO labeling. That alone won’t dramatically affect the food industry, but the ripple effect will just be getting started. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Seal of approval

Remember the controversy that arose over seal hunting in Canada years ago? Well, it’s back—only this time seals aren’t appearing on someone’s shoulders, they’re at the top of the menu. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Gates hates meat

Well, not really. But the multi-billionaire-turned-philanthropist sounds more like an investor than a social reformer when he starts touting the companies that are creating non-meat alternatives. FULL STORY »

Commentary: It’s chicken—sort of . . .

A news report out this week claims that researchers who analyzed chicken nuggets found they only contain 40 percent to 50 percent “meat.” The rest was well . . . other stuff. But is it really so shocking? FULL STORY »

Commentary: Oktoberfest? Vegan??

The famous German festival of beer and brats is reaching out to a younger audience. That’s not news. It’s how they’re connecting with a new generation: Vegan substitutes for traditional foods. FULL STORY »

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