Dan Murphy

Commentary: Smoking or meat-eating?

A new study argues that eating meat in ‘old age’ may be as deadly as smoking cigarettes — only animal protein also seems to protect people from heart disease. Confusing? In a word, yes. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Big push for small operators

The frozen tundra of northern Alberta is the setting for a hot new idea that’s poised to foster innovation, create jobs, support livestock production and give young people an entrée to the business. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Reduced-fat phenomenon

After decades of inexorably rising rates of obesity among American youth, a new CDC analysis reveals a reversal of the trend. And best of all? The word ‘meat’ never appears in the report. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Ethics vs. economics

That tension is how some analysts explain the drama over the EU’s proposed ban on meat from cloned animals. But with cloning, what consumers care about is simple: ‘What’s in it for me?’ FULL STORY »

Commentary: Eating, cooking and the ‘D’ word

That is, ‘dementia.’ Yes, thanks to some researchers eager to plow new ground, there’s now a new study claiming that cooking your meat makes you senile. Uh . . . I forget why, though. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Barking up the wrong tree

A campaign to force mandatory GMO labeling continues to be high on the activist agenda. But is it possible to ‘road test’ voluntary labeling in a non-human food category? Uh, no — not really. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Swing and a miss

A new study analyzes the strategies and tactics designed to get affluent Western to cut down on their meat-eating. And once again, the researchers are taking aim at the wrong target. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Feed vs. food

Anti-industry types argue that we can’t ‘waste’ farmland growing feed crops for livestock. Yet a closer look at sustainability actually turns that mantra inside out: We can’t afford not to. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Fast-food folly

What’s the solution to the obesity crisis? A new study suggests that tougher regulations on the fast-food industry is the ticket. But that’s a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Going to the dogs

Instead of the usual Olympic controversies about fraudulent figure skating scores and doped-up athletes, these Games have reporters asking a ‘canine question’ that just won’t go away. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Drone, drone on the range

Along with military deployments, police surveillance and someday delivering Amazon packages, unmanned drones now have a new mission: Tracking and busting would-be cattle rustlers. FULL STORY »

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