Dan Murphy

Commentary: The ultimate squelch on GMO labeling

Early polling in a couple of states suggests that ballot measures might be viewed more favorably by voters this fall. But the opposition approach ought to take a different approach. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Back to the basics

As a new report details the staggering impact of data showing two-thirds of Americans to be overweight or obese, it’s time to consider the root cause — and to embrace the obvious solution. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Multi-million dollar message

Harvard University receives a $350 million windfall that its School of Public Health will use to ‘tackle tough health challenges.’ Like getting people to consider eating meat to be the problem. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Fair to fabulous!

Nothing surpasses the eye-opening, mouth-watering, sensory overload of the food choices available at America’s summertime state fairs. Who says you can’t deep fry cotton candy? FULL STORY »

Commentary: Ethanol to the rescue?

A new cellulosic ethanol plant opens in Iowa aiming to produce fuel from corn — but only from the husks, cobs and leaves. Sound too good to be true? For producers’ sake, let’s hope not. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The limits of labeling

Although consumer advocates love to pressure government into slapping warning labels on anything even remotely risky, neither food safety nor consumer protection are advanced in doing so. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Circus stunt

In this ‘Diary of an Undercover Activist,’ the inside story of conditions at a well-known (but unnamed) circus is exposed by an employee who posted his observations for all to read. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Bad news on biofuels

EPA’s intention to scale back the nation’s ethanol production program by reducing the Renewable Fuel Standard is a reasonable response to an undeniable fact: The program isn’t working. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Ice bucket boycott

Even as the wildly popular fund-raising stunt goes viral, PETA finds a way to throw cold water on the concept of raising money to find a cure for a disease that is as deadly as it gets. FULL STORY »

Commentary: A new counter to GMO haters

Even the most vigorous proponents of bioengineering can get fatigued fighting the misinformation and ignorance among anti-GMO forces. Here’s some new ammunition. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Activists claiming victory

Opponents of SeaWorld’s use of captive orcas and dolphins has ramped up the media debate over its operations, and now its dismal earnings are starting to reflect the impact of the protests. FULL STORY »

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