Dan Murphy

Commentary: Twin piques

A couple of recent news items related to meat-eating might seem off-putting at first glance, but I’d argue that although they’re completely different, in their own way they’re both quite uplifting. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Oil crisis

What’s found in more than half of all the products on sale at the supermarket? Hint: It’s edible, it’s popular and it’s responsible for a significant share of the eco-problems plaguing the planet. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Vegan Noo Yawk? No way!

PETA tries to give The Big Apple a new moniker as ‘The Most Vegan-Friendly City.’ But as a former resident of the Upper West Side, I got one word for their award: ‘Fuhgedabouit!’ FULL STORY »

Commentary: The hunt is on

Several states are trying to make the sport of hunting into a constitutional right for its citizens. Extreme? In light of the continued opposition of animal activists, maybe that’s not a bad idea. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Lion on the loose

Whenever a sports team dreams up an animal mascot stunt — in this case, a football club Down Under parading a lion onto the field — you can bet there’s an activist just waiting to pounce. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Epic fail...or is it?

After chuckling (or worse) at a truly awful video appeal from anti-meat activist Paul McCartney, it’s important to recognize the significance of the message he’s peddling to his supporters. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Off the mark—again

Leave it to the media to pile on: Even while cheerleading for a test-tube meat project that’s about as plausible as a colony on the moon, they never forget to demonize animal agriculture. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Can veggies eat fake meat?

With breathless pronouncements and over-the-top media events, the creators of test-tube ‘meat’ keep claiming their pink slime-like ‘product’ will revolutionize the way the world eats. Really? FULL STORY »

Commentary: The ultimate squelch on GMO labeling

Early polling in a couple of states suggests that ballot measures might be viewed more favorably by voters this fall. But the opposition approach ought to take a different approach. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Back to the basics

As a new report details the staggering impact of data showing two-thirds of Americans to be overweight or obese, it’s time to consider the root cause — and to embrace the obvious solution. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Multi-million dollar message

Harvard University receives a $350 million windfall that its School of Public Health will use to ‘tackle tough health challenges.’ Like getting people to consider eating meat to be the problem. FULL STORY »

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