Dan Murphy

Commentary: Re-thinking fast-food

The entire category is undergoing a reinvention — if you believe the breathless business analysts enamored of the niche concepts currently being launched. Here’s an easier, better alternative. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The ‘C-word’ strikes again

From the Harvard University School of Public Health comes yet another indictment of red meat, this time as the cause of breast cancer. Only one problem: The researchers are wrong. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Blue is the new black

As water rights, supplies and availability become even larger priorities for industry, the provision of the resource itself is endangered by local funding constraints — but that’s about to change. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Media’s mad reporting skills

Unlike the sensationalized coverage of BSE — mad cow to every reporter or TV producer alive — back in the day, contemporary reporting is subdued, factual and actually accurate. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Minimal consideration

In what is becoming an increasingly common response to a stagnant economy and stagnant wages, the city of Seattle sets a new standard for the minimum wage. But will it kill jobs? FULL STORY »

Commentary: Problems come in threes

There are numerous problems with CSPI’s lawsuit by demanding that salmonella be declared an adulterant. But a review of only the top three reveals the group’s disconnect from reality. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Make mine (extra) meaty

Even as food faddists try to steer Americans away from red meat — at least as the main entrée — the snack category is starting to display more muscle meat than a football training table. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The rhetoric runs both ways

It’s primary season, and campaigning against ‘Big Government’ has resumed with a fervor. But when we need help that only public sector agencies can provide, we’re singing a different tune. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Paying the price

As meat and poultry prices continue to escalate, some pundits are hitting the panic button. But will rising meat prices really wreck the family food budget? Not by my calculations. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Bye bye bullfighting

A high court in India has officially banned the traditional sport of jallikattu. What’s jallikattu, and why do we care? Think ‘rodeo’ (before there was rodeo), and what it would mean if that were banned. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Brew-ha-ha threatens producers

When a business practice benefits both parties involved, and it poses no significant threat to public health, what should FDA do? Why, issue new regulations to restrict the activity, of course. FULL STORY »

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