Dan Murphy

Commentary: Once a week ain’t enough

Think Meatless Mondays was mere sideshow that media would eventually tire of covering? Stand by, because now activists are gearing up for an entire Meat Free Week. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Chilling out on climate change

A key argument climate skeptics always rely on is the now debunked prediction of a ‘new ice age.’ But the story of that 1970s debate is compelling as current evidence of global warming. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Behind closed doors

When the public asks, Why shouldn’t producers and packers let everyone see what goes on in the facilities, industry doesn’t often provide a compelling reason — but there certainly is one. FULL STORY »

Commentary: An ironclad threat

According to (yet another) analysis of medical literature, people who eat more meat have increased risk of heart disease. Why? Here’s the interesting part: Meat has too much iron. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Laying down the labeling law

Vermont is poised to become the first state to require food products with genetically engineered ingredients to carry labeling. Is the Green Mountain state the first domino to fall? FULL STORY »

Commentary: Peeing in the pool

In an era of farmland droughts, aquifer depletion and battles over irrigation rights, one city is conducting the mother of all flushing operations — to the tune of 38 million gallons. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Doing a 180 on GMO labeling

A major new CAST study purports to be the ‘final word’ on whether we have to keep arguing over genetic engineering. But its recommendations need to go in the exact opposite direction. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Hostility over horses

PETA and some of their pals mounted a lame protest in New York City against the Big Apple’s iconic horse-drawn carriages. But they may have picked the wrong guy as their antagonist. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Re-inventing the steakhouse

Yes, many consumers have turned away from the ‘traditional’ giant slab of beef that used to anchor steakhouse menus. But the alternative may prove to be even better for producers. FULL STORY »

Commentary: How is he an idiot? Let me count the ways

The Cliven Bundy Bunch — and the man himself — needs to stop foaming at the mouth; stop creating a terrible caricature of cattle ranchers and go find a hole somewhere to crawl into. FULL STORY »

Commentary: A fried surprise

Other than maybe chugging an entire carton of cream, loading up on fried foods is generally considered one of the worst dietary no-nos. But can limiting the fried fare improve our DNA? FULL STORY »

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