Dan Murphy

Commentary: Horse of another color

Sifting through the articles published in newspapers and on websites by Native Americans lends an intriguing—and powerful—new perspective to the bitter debates over horse slaughter. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Wrap this one in pure irony

As McDonald’s rolls out a couple me-too tortilla wraps that—gasp!—don’t contain chicken, veggie cheerleaders are singing its praises. But the other 364 they’re ripping Ronald a new one. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Rx for R&D

It’s not the sexiest topic around, nor one most Americans think about too often. But research, especially ag research, is vital for reasons we’d embrace—if only we knew what they were. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Dissecting the antibiotics debate

Industry too often sounds disconnected from concerns over resistant pathogens that people worry might one day cause themselves or loved ones to get sick—and doctors won’t have a cure. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Farmed food fallacy

Can Nature maintain wildlife? Sure—as long development doesn’t impact their habitat and nobody harvests them for sustenance. But activists really hate the alternative: farmed food. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Horse sense

After months of name-calling, mudslinging and vandalism, someone finally brings some sanity to the bitter debate over how ‘the horse problem’ ought to be handled. FULL STORY »

Commentary: A failure to communicate

Whenever the subject of microbial testing surfaces, the media never, ever get it right. Sure, it’s complex and technical, but c’mon, people: It’s food science, not rocket science. FULL STORY »

Commentary: A rat by any other name

The fine folks who brought you Meatless Mondays are back with a ‘research’ project that’s less about sound science and much more about publicizing their anti-animal agriculture agenda. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Good news, bad news

The bad news? The crisis in global food productivity may be more imminent that previously projected, according to a major new report. The good news? I lied; there’s not much of any. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Battering the butter cow

In an attempt to ‘send a message’ about animal agriculture, activists tried to ruin the Iowa State Fair’s Butter Cow. But all they did was set themselves up for some serious fines and jail time. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Analog angst

With a new market report detailing rapid sales growth in non-meat analog products—especially among ‘non-vegetarians’—is it time for producers and processors to panic? Not so fast. FULL STORY »

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