Dan Murphy

Commentary: Bugs vs. beef

To meet the challenge of providing nourishment to a global population likely to surpass nine billion by mid-century, there’s an intriguing new proposal: Grow and eat insects. Seriously. FULL STORY »

Commentary: A racket like no other

Hot off the press: Another withering attack on animal agriculture and the impact modern meat production has on our economy and our lifestyles. Its assault may be accurate, but is it fair? FULL STORY »

Commentary: We’re getting warmer

No — not global warming. It’s industry that’s getting closer to a strategy on biotech labeling that might finally begin to defuse the fear and loathing anti-GMOs activists are so good at stoking. FULL STORY »

Commentary: No sale, Chipotle

The activist fringe is on a vendetta to punish perhaps the most progressive, animal-friendly restaurant chain around. Why? Because they want the whole enchilada, not just a bite or two. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Milking a new controversy

Think the debate over milk’s nutritional value is just a veggie-vs.-animal-foods battle? Well, now there’s a more complex and interesting debate pitting A1 against A2. Confused? Read on. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Death to ritual slaughter

A British veterinarian proposed a ban on halal and kosher slaughter, triggering angry rebuttals from Muslim and Jewish groups. But is an eventual ban on those ancient practices inevitable? FULL STORY »

Commentary: Smoking or meat-eating?

A new study argues that eating meat in ‘old age’ may be as deadly as smoking cigarettes — only animal protein also seems to protect people from heart disease. Confusing? In a word, yes. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Big push for small operators

The frozen tundra of northern Alberta is the setting for a hot new idea that’s poised to foster innovation, create jobs, support livestock production and give young people an entrée to the business. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Reduced-fat phenomenon

After decades of inexorably rising rates of obesity among American youth, a new CDC analysis reveals a reversal of the trend. And best of all? The word ‘meat’ never appears in the report. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Ethics vs. economics

That tension is how some analysts explain the drama over the EU’s proposed ban on meat from cloned animals. But with cloning, what consumers care about is simple: ‘What’s in it for me?’ FULL STORY »

Commentary: Eating, cooking and the ‘D’ word

That is, ‘dementia.’ Yes, thanks to some researchers eager to plow new ground, there’s now a new study claiming that cooking your meat makes you senile. Uh . . . I forget why, though. FULL STORY »

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