Dan Murphy

Commentary: Ritz crackers ¡sí! Red meat no!

The nutrition police are increasingly dogmatic these days. But the tale of a mom whose meat-and-potatoes lunch for her kids drew a fine—and Ritz crackers as a substitute—is beyond belief. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Meat mummies

Of all the reasons to remain in awe of the ancient Egyptians—the pyramids being foremost among them—one of the least known is their reverence for good old red meat. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The beginning of the end?

EPA (finally) backs off from its previous mandate that billions of gallons of ethanol need to be pumped into the U.S. gasoline supply. The end of a disastrous policy? No, but it’s a start. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Three strikes and out

Politics aside, the recent reductions in USDA’s food stamp program (SNAP) is a triple whammy: Bad news for people, for the economy and most importantly, for animal agriculture itself. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The transformation of trans fat

For decades, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, aka trans fats, were touted by dietary authorities and activists alike as being oh-so superior to animal fats. Now, FDA is about to nail its coffin shut. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Debunking the diabetes myth

Eat meat and get sick. That’s the media’s lazy interpretation of virtually every diet-related study of chronic disease—in this case, diabetes. But people are proving to be smarter than the scientists. FULL STORY »

Commentary: An apple a day

In the face of all the obstacles that often make farming a dicey business, Washington state apple growers have found a formula that works—and it’s one all producers ought to embrace. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The ultimate trump card?

In politics, it’s long been assumed that money trumps everything else. Spend enough, and you get the win. But did ‘Big Money’ scuttle Washington’s GMO labeling measure? I think not. FULL STORY »

Commentary: Unhorsed in court

A last-minute injunction keeps two horse packing plants from opening, and activists are crowing over a temporary victory. But given the public’s perspective, have they already won the debate? FULL STORY »

Commentary: ‘No’ on GMO labels no victory

In a vote that caught political observers by surprise, Washington voters turned down a ballot measure requiring GMO labeling of foods—but industry shouldn’t celebrate just yet. FULL STORY »

Commentary: The trouble with YouTube

Most adults are experienced at filtering the rivers of ‘information’ encountered each day online. Not so for kids; they take what they watch as gospel, and that’s a concern for animal agriculture. FULL STORY »

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