Glenn Selk

Interval timing from calving to return to heat cycles

Research data sets have shown conclusively that young cows that calve in thin body condition but regain weight and condition going into the breeding season do not rebreed at the same rate as those that calve in good condition and maintain that condition into the breeding season. FULL STORY »

Take advantage of the drought of 2011

The hot, dry weather of 2011 across the Southern Plains certainly created a hardship for commercial cow calf operations that are short of standing and stored forage. FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Breeding replacement heifers Play video

Glenn Selk discusses considerations when breeding yearling replacement heifers with synchronized artificial inseminations programs using the feed additive Melengestrol Acetate. FULL STORY »

Try to avoid body condition loss now

The winter of 2011-2012 has brought challenges in the form of very high feed prices, and in some instances, short hay supplies. FULL STORY »

The third stage of calving: Shedding of fetal membranes

The process of “calving” or parturition in beef cattle is defined by three stages. Stage I occurs about 4 to 24 hours prior to calving. FULL STORY »

Maintaining nutrition and growth rates in breeding season Play video

Cow-Calf Corner is a collection of timely management tips of interest to cow-calf producers in Oklahoma. In Cow-Calf Corner this week, Dr. Selk gives advice on maintaining nutrition and growth rates as cows enter breeding season. FULL STORY »

Keep replacement heifers growing

Replacement heifers that have just reached puberty and started cycling may be vulnerable to any drastic change in feed intake. FULL STORY »

Selection based on disposition helps the entire beef industry

In 2012, many decisions about cattle selection will be taking place in beef herds everywhere. FULL STORY »

Cow-calf corner: Getting calves to start breathing quickly Play video

In Cow-Calf Corner this week, Glenn Selk explains the importance of getting a calf to breathe as quickly as possible after birth. FULL STORY »

Cow calf corner: Calf scours data Play video

In Cow-Calf Corner this week, Glenn Selk explains the causes of calf scours among a herd. FULL STORY »

The numbers are in: Part 1

As expected, the Cattle report issued last week by USDA confirmed that the U.S. beef cattle industry got smaller last year. The inventory of all cattle and calves on January 1, 2012 was 90.77 million head, the smallest inventory since 1952. The inventory of beef cows was 29.88 million head, the smallest since 1962 and the 2011 calf crop was 35.31 million head, the smallest since 1950. The estimated feeder supply on January 1 was 25.85 million head, down 1.06 million head or 3.9 percent from a year earlier. FULL STORY »

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