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Economic advantages to implanting nursing calves

Many new technologies have been made available to the beef industry over the last 75 years. Few have the potential return on investment as do growth promoting implants for nursing calves. FULL STORY »

Protecting more calves from respiratory diseases

It soon will be time to "work" the spring-born calves. Research is available that suggests that the young calves may be vaccinated with products used for protection against the respiratory diseases (IBR and BVDV). FULL STORY »

Early weaning for the beef herd

This article could probably be titled "What to Do If All Else Fails". Certainly no one ever plans to find himself in a drought, short of forage, and with a group of cows too thin to breed. FULL STORY »

Shorten the breeding season to increase calf value

This may be the summer to finally do something about that long breeding and calving season in your cow herd. FULL STORY »

Choosing the estrous synchronization protocol For your AI program

Beef producers that use artificial insemination in their breeding program use estrus synchronization to better utilize their labor resources both during breeding and calving seasons. FULL STORY »

Passive immune status 24 hours post-calving

Animal and veterinary scientists working at the USDA experiment station at Clay Center, Nebraska monitored health events and growth performance in a population of range beef calves in order to identify associations of these factors with passive immune status. FULL STORY »

Keeping good records can ease the pain of a disaster

Spring time is thunderstorm season across the Plains. Spring storms occasionally bring severe winds or even tornadoes. FULL STORY »

Re-warming methods for severely cold-stressed newborn calves

Several years ago, an Oklahoma rancher called to tell of the success he had noticed in using a warm water bath to revive new born calves that had been severely cold stressed. A quick check of the scientific data on that subject bears out his observation. FULL STORY » Website Is A Source Of Research-Based Information

Cattle producers now have an excellent tool in their “resource toolbox”. Oklahoma State University extension animal scientists have maintained an educational website designed to be a “one-stop shopping” destination for Oklahoma beef cattle producers.

Cattle Management Ideas To Accomplish Night Time Feeding (To Encourage Day Time Calving)

Research and ranch experience has shown that the management procedure of feeding pregnant cows late in the day (or even better in the evening) has decreased the percentage of cows calving during the middle of the night. FULL STORY »

Night Time Versus Day Time Feeding Influences Time Of Calving

It is generally accepted that adequate supervision at calving has a significant impact on reducing calf mortality. Adequate supervision has been of increasing importance with the use of larger beef breeds and cattle with larger birth weights. FULL STORY »

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