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Maternal nutrition critical in cattle fertility

Alltech recently completed its 30th annual symposium, titled “What if,” with a focus on the future of agriculture and livestock production. During the symposium, Alex Evans, PhD, a reproductive physiologist from University College, Dublin, Ireland, discussed the critical issue of fertility in cattle, saying poor fertility is the largest issue facing beef-cattle producers. FULL STORY »

Gluten-free equals healthy, consumers believe

Thank goodness beef and pork are gluten-free. Labeling identifying products as “gluten-free” has become one of the hottest trends in the business, and with increased exposure, consumers increasingly perceive gluten as “bad” and gluten-free as healthy. FULL STORY »

Farm prices down slightly from last month

The preliminary All Farm Products Index of Prices Received by Farmers in May, including those for cattle and livestock overall, dropped slightly from a month ago according to USDA’s May 30 Agricultural Prices report. But while cattle prices posted a small month-to-month decline, they remain well above those of a year ago. FULL STORY »

USDA boosts forecast for 2014 ag exports

In its May 29 Outlook for U.S. Agricultural Trade report, the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) increased its export forecast by $6.9 billion over the last report in February, projecting a record export value of $149.5 billion. FULL STORY »

Most consumers support FDA policy on GMO foods

While activist groups have incited fear over genetically modified food and feed ingredients, and pressed for government mandates for labeling such products, most consumers continue to support current FDA labeling policy, according to a new report from the International Food Information Council (IFIC). FULL STORY »

Oregon county forbids farmers from growing GMO crops

Voters in Jackson County, Oregon last week passed a ballot initiative mandating what crops farmers can or cannot grow on their land. The initiative, which passed by nearly a two-to-one margin, bans county farmers from growing any genetically engineered plants. FULL STORY »

Plan ahead or fall behind

As we’ve seen all too often, livestock-related emergencies can come in many forms. From blizzards, floods, fires or deep-freeze, to highway accidents and the specter of foreign animal disease outbreaks, cattle operations face an array of natural and man-made threats. FULL STORY »

MERS, possibly transmitted by animals, not yet an emergency

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, (MERS-CoV) has been confirmed in 571 people worldwide and arrived in the United States for the first time this month, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). FULL STORY »

FDA addresses concerns over proposed spent-grains rule

Brewers’ grains and distillers’ grains have become important, high-quality feed commodities in cattle operations, and cattle provide an excellent option for utilizing these byproducts, turning what otherwise could be waste into wholesome and nutritious food. FULL STORY »

Drovers/CattleNetwork Beef Systems Tour 2014 Image Gallery

Seeing the beef production system first-hand fosters understanding and advocacy, and the process begins within our own community. To facilitate that experience, Drovers/CattleNetwork periodically hosts Beef Systems Tours as a service to our advertisers. FULL STORY »

Montana elk get reprieve

Facing stiff opposition and lawsuits, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) appears to be backing off on parts of its plan to reduce elk populations near Yellowstone Park. FULL STORY »

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