Kris Ringwall

BeefTalk: A chaotic beef industry

The beef world is changing, but one should avoid the word chaotic because the beef world has a lot of structure and is far from disorganized. However, the incoming forces that we do not control, such as Mother Nature, are slamming us. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Saddle up to lasso some hope

There are times in this world when all of us need to stop, take a deep breath and reflect. Last week, two of those times, Sept. 11, 2001, and Sept. 11, 2011, were remembered. Our normal activity needed to stop as we remembered those dates. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Grass vs. grain -- Steer gains

There is excitement in the air, or I should say excitement in the grass. The excitement leads to the interesting numbers of 2.80 and 4.07. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: School bells are ringing

Fall, despite the ups and downs of weather and other difficult issues, always means a new school year. Summer vacation is over and life starts to migrate toward thoughts of learning and advancing in life. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Prepare to age and source your calves correctly

Another glaring example of an almost missed opportunity arrived the other day. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Gross margins are not price per calf

A point of clarification is in order. Assessing income in a cow-calf enterprise is more than just the price received for the calves. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Hot and cold leads to checkmate

Heat, humidity and windless days are bad news for cattle. Actually, high heat and humidity are not good for most living things. A new record was set in North Dakota for the low minimum daily temperature when the thermometer failed to fall below 70 degrees. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Hay quality means correct harvesting

Although somewhat delayed, the haying season is upon us, so the thought of winter feed, despite ongoing heat and rain, needs to be reintroduced. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Knowing when to turn in the reserve bull is critical

Now is the time to check the bulls. Are the bulls actually working or are they quietly passing the day lying in the shade? It's not easy to keep up with bull breeding activity, but a keen eye by a producer can detect the difference between inactive and active bulls. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Bulls furloughed until mid-August

Plans change. However, with change comes the need to tweak them as they are implemented. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Beef production of the future

The future of beef starts with beef systems that generate a per-cow gross margin of $600 and hold direct costs to less than $400 and overhead to less than $100 per cow. FULL STORY »

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