The 2016 Alltech ONE Ideas Conference, known for its diversity of cutting-edge agricultural topics, will take place May 22 to 26, 2016, in Lexington, Ky.

This year’s conference title is “ONE,”

Many of the presentations at the ONE Ideas Conference are eligible for Continuing Education Units. The conference has been CEU accredited by SMPS (Society for Marketing Professional Services), ARPAS (American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists), AAVSB RACE (American Association of Veterinary State Boards, Registry of Approved Continuing Education) and CDR (Commission on Dietetic Registration).

As of the date of this release, confirmed agriculture talks and breakout sessions at ONE include:

  • “One giant step: The digital farm,” with David Hunt, co-founder of Agrilarity.
  • “Rule No.1: There are no rules,” with Mary Shelman, former director of the agribusiness program at Harvard Business School.
  • “ONE Centimeter of soil,” with Robert Walker, general manager for Alltech Crop Science.
  • “How long can we go? Feed efficiency and profitability for the nutritionist of the future.”
  • “The future of disease control: What role can nutrition play in PEDV, avian influenza, foot-and-mouth disease, salmonella and Campylobacter?”
  • “Crop Innovation: Feed a plant – Reviewing the latest breakthroughs in technologies and information management.”
  • “A World of Milk: How consumer trends, farm practices and new expectations are shaping dairy farming in the future.”
  • “A World of Beef: How consumer trends, farm practices and new expectations are shaping beef production in the future.”
  • “The Future of Fish: Where next for fish farming now that aquaculture exceeds fish from the sea, now that fish consumption exceeds beef?”
  • “The Prosumer: Future proofing your food business – What do you need to know about the food consumer of the future and how it will impact food, feed and farming?”
  • “Nutrition, Immunity & Gut Health: 30 years of Alltech research and how intestinal health is becoming the focus of veterinarian medicine.”
  • “Bridging the Protein Gap – In a world of scarcity, how will we feed the planet with fewer protein options? Thinking creatively about nutrition.”
  • “Emerging Agribusiness Opportunities – Lessons from Harvard Business School and lessons to design the ideal agribusiness.”
  • “Feeding the Rumen: The basis of profitability and sustainability on your farm.”
  • "What you need to know about Algae and DHA: Fish, pets, farm animals and people.”

Learn more at Alltech’s ONE Conference website.