Nearly 100 top-rated animals will be available for purchase at the Indiana Beef Evaluation Program's bull sale April 16, starting at 6 p.m. at the Springville Feeder Auction.

The sale will be streamed live over the Internet through DVAuction. Users who have high speed Internet access and are interested in buying or just viewing the sale should visit the DVAuction website at

Those planning to buy a bull via the auction site should register in advance with DVAuction to establish financial credentials.

The 99 bulls to be sold are 75 Angus, nine SimAngus, seven Red Angus, four Hereford, three Charolais and one Simmental. These animals were the top-indexing bulls of their breed and passed inspection for breeding and structural soundness. They have also been measured by ultrasound for ribeye area, backfat and percent intramuscular fat, also known as marbling.

In addition, expected progeny differences, or EPDs, will be available for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, maternal milk, calving ease, carcass traits and dollar indexes to assist producers in bull selection.

Bulls can be seen at test station at the Feldun Purdue Agricultural Center, three miles northwest of Bedford on state Routes 158 and 458, or after 3 p.m. on the day of the sale at the Springville Feeder Auction.

The Springville Feeder Auction is located 10 miles northwest of Bedford on state Routes 54 and 58.

Bulls can also be viewed and purchased at two remote sites: the Tippecanoe Extension office, 3150 Sagamore Parkway S., in Lafayette; and the Fulton County Fairgrounds, 1009 W. 3rd St., in Rochester.

For more information, contact a county Purdue Extension office or Donna Lofgren at 765-494-6439; Terry Stewart, 765-494-0138; or Brad Shelton, station manager, at 812-279-8554.