Dr. David Hughes, Emeritus Professor of Food Marketing at Imperial College London, has been named Keynote Speaker for the 2016 Global Conference on Sustainable Beef. Dr. Hughes is a much sought-after speaker on a wide variety of global food industry topics, including retail and consumer trends. He also serves as a consultant to food and beverage companies worldwide to assist them in management training, strategy, and leadership level decision making.

“Dr. Hughes is the perfect professional to set the tone for the 2016 Global Conference,” said Dennis Laycraft, president the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), the hosting organization. “He brings a perspective and experience of global food systems and the changing consumer environment that is a rare find. What he shares with us will be immeasurably important to every participant.”

The Global Conference, to be held October 4-7 at the Fairmont Hotel in Banff Springs, Alberta, Canada, brings together beef value chain stakeholders and others from across the globe who are committed to making beef production more sustainable. In addition to seminars and moderator-led discussion groups, recent industry research will be presented. Participants will also have the opportunity to see sustainability at work through special tours arranged by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. 

The Conference will also feature several sessions created to be highly interactive and focused on work being done in various regions of the world in myriad areas of beef sustainability. In 2014, GRSB adopted a set of five core principles to define global sustainable beef including natural resources; people & the community; animal health & welfare; food; and efficiency & innovation. These principles will be at the center of discussions of future efforts to advance sustainable practices globally in the production, processing, and merchandising of beef.

Ruaraidh (Rory) Petre, GRSB’s executive director, added, “There is significant work being done by the regional roundtables, and the Global Conference will showcase these efforts to a global audience. Using GRSB’s definition with its principles and criteria as a foundation, they are doing the hard work of refining it with metrics and indicators relevant to their regions. This way we learn from each other and get a more tailored solution for everyone.”

The membership of GRSB spans five constituency groups: beef producers & producer organizations; civil societies (non-governmental organizations); retailers; processors and commerce; as well as the regional beef roundtables from around the world. GRSB also provides the ability for observers to be a part of all functions.

“The diversity of the GRSB membership is truly its strength since the roundtable structure ensures buy in from all partners and that they are all part of the solution as the global beef industry commits to tackling sustainability challenges,” said Petre.

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About GRSB

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative developed to advance continuous improvement in sustainability of the global beef value chain through leadership, science and multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration. GRSB envisions a world in which all aspects of the beef value chain are environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable.