The first session of the 2015 Ohio Beef Cattle School was held last week at 22 host locations in Ohio and Indiana. Participation and feedback from the first session was very positive. I believe we will build on the excitement from the opening program with a strong second session.

The February 10, 2015 session will examine a pair of subjects that will impact the direction of beef production locally, nationally, and globally for years to come. Kim Stackhouse-Lawson, PhD, Director of Sustainability Research for the National Cattlemen's Beef Association will address "Sustainable Beef Production." She will highlight how beef industry has used funding from the Beef Checkoff Program to document the economic, environmental and social impacts from the beef industry and is identifying practical ways to improve the sustainability of beef and remain on the path of continuous improvement over time. The Beef Checkoff sustainability research program was originally funded in 2010 and is most well noted for the completion of the first and largest sustainability assessment of the beef value chain.

Many of you are well aware of water quality issues that have arisen in Ohio in such situations as Lake Erie, Grand Lake St. Marys, and last summer with the Toledo water supply. These water quality concerns have led to new legislation regarding nutrient management in agriculture. Kevin Elder, Chief of the Ohio Department of Agriculture's Division of Livestock Environmental Permitting, will cover "Manure Management and Fertilizer Application Issues for Beef Producers" as a part of the February 10 session.

As communicated previously, these sessions will follow a similar format used in the past as each session will be broadcast locally via an internet link at a variety of locations around state. If interested in attending, contact an Ohio State University Extension office that is hosting a site in your area to ask if there is a registration process involved with that location. Click on the following link to find the most convenient host location for you to attend: