Now celebrating our seventh year of honoring the best in our industry, the Meat Industry Hall of Fame is requesting nominations for Members of the Class of 2015. Eligible candidates must meet three key qualifications:

  • Candidates must have spent a significant portion of their professional careers in an industry-related field (animal agriculture, food processing, government, academia, retail)
  • Candidates must have contributed significant innovation, achieved notable business success or otherwise positively impacted their organization, institution or larger industry segment
  • Candidates must have successfully undertaken significant community service or philanthropy

To nominate someone who's worthy of membership in the Meat Industry Hall of Fame, simply request a nomination form by contacting Chuck Jolley at or +1 913.205.3791.

A list of qualified candidates will be assembled and ballots will be sent to our Board and Members of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame on March 16. Their votes will be tallied and six new members will be announced on May 18.

Help us celebrate by planning to attend the Meat Industry Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in the Fall of 2015.  The date and location will be announced soon.

About the Meat Industry Hall of Fame:

The Meat Industry Hall of Fame was created in 2008 as a repository of our history and a shrine to the leaders and legends whose visions, skills and dedication shaped and sustained our industry and to recognize its place as the leading sector of North American food production. We have inducted 72 of our most distinguished leaders and are currently planning on creating a permanent home to honor their accomplishments.

Current Members of the Meat Industy Hall of Fame:

Inaugural Class of 2009

Dell M. Allen, Ph.D

Donald L. Houston

Donald Tyson

Earl Olson

Frank Perdue

Gary C. Smith, Ph.D.

Jimmy Dean

Joseph Luter III

Kenneth W. Monfort

Lawrence Starr

Louis "Mick" Colvin

Mel Coleman, Sr.

Paul Engler

Phillip M. Seng

Ray Townsend

Richard L. Knowlton

Richard E. Lyng

Rosemary Mucklow

Robert Peterson

Russell Cross, Ph.D.

Temple Grandin, Ph.D.


Class of 2010

Richard Bond

Ralph Cator

William Farr

Joel Johnson

Ken Johnson

Ray Kroc

Roger Mandigo, Ph.D.

Robert Rust

Col. Harland Sanders

Jeff Savell, Ph.D.

Dave Thomas

Deven Scott


Class of 2011

Alan Simon

Clarence Becker

Dale Huffman, Ph.D.

Eldon Roth

George Watts

Jack Allen, Ph.D.

John Bryan

John Story

Manny Rosenthal

Mel Soloman

Phil Clemens

Robert Madeira


Class of 2012

William Fielding

Ellard Pfaelzer, Sr,

Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr.

Fred Usinger

David Theno, Ph.D.

David Wood

James Hodges

Mohammad Koohmaraie, Ph.D.

Steve Krut

Alfred Kober

Robert "Bobby" Hatoff

Herbert Lotman

Marvin J. Walter


Class of 2013

Barry C. Carpenter

Michael E. Dikeman, Ph.D.

Sheldon Levin

Thomas Pierson, Ph.D.

James "Bo" Reagan, Ph.D.

Roger Reiser


Class of 2014

J. Patrick Boyle

Zerle Carpenter, Ph.D.

Graeme Goodsir

Melvin C. Hunt, Ph.D.

Steve Kay

James Marsden, Ph.D.